Get Your Party Started with Kathy Newman Events

Posted on 18. Dec, 2016 by in Business, Events

Jennifer Weiss, Princeton News Network: We’re here at the Princeton Airport with Kathy Newman of Kathy Newman Events.

Kathy Newman, Kathy Newman Events: Yay!

Jennifer Weiss: You did a great job.

Kathy Newman: Thank you.

Jennifer Weiss: You must do this during the day.

Kathy Newman: Yes, I do. Part-time.

Jennifer Weiss: Only here at the airport? Where do you usually do your events?

Kathy Newman: No, anywhere. Our clients hire us to do anything anywhere. It could be a private home, backyard, farm, barn, airport, anywhere.

Jennifer Weiss: How many years have you been in business?

Kathy Newman: I have been doing this for almost 20 years. Well I don’t want to give away my age.

Jennifer Weiss: Do you serve just Montgomery? How far do you travel?

Kathy Newman: New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. We’ll go anywhere.

Jennifer Weiss: Amazing.

Kathy Newman: We’ll just take your vision and try and create something.

Jennifer Weiss: Great. Do you have a website?

Kathy Newman: Yes. It’s

Jennifer Weiss: This is usually an airport during the day. What kind of events have you had here at the airport?

Kathy Newman: We’ve done Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, private dinner parties, surprise parties, children’s parties, just for the heck of it parties, anything.

Jennifer Weiss: Do you do corporate?

Kathy Newman: We do corporate. We’ve had Audi here. We’ve had a few other car companies. It’s fun.

Jennifer Weiss: Okay.

Kathy Newman: We do everything. We’ve done things where they have closed the runway to test drive the cars and then we provided food inside and did all the décor.

Jennifer Weiss: I know you can’t be doing this all yourself. Do you have a team?

Kathy Newman: I do. I have a great team. The person who’s here tonight is from Janet Makrancy’s team. They are amazing. You give them a vision and they just expand on it and they do a beautiful job. They’re so easy to work with. They’re so creative. They think outside of the box.

Jennifer Weiss: What was the name?

Kathy Newman: Janet Makrancy.

Jennifer Weiss: Okay.

Kathy Newman: Weddings and parties.

Jennifer Weiss: Is there anyone from Janet Makrancy’s, today, that we could speak with?

Kathy Newman: Yes. Kristen Conn is here to represent Janet.

Jennifer Weiss: I saw all of the lovely florals and drapes. How long did it take you to create this space?

Kristen Conn, Janet Makrancy’s: We got in here a couple days ago. We’ve been working on it every day for, I would say, maybe about six to eight hours. As you can see, it really transformed into something beautiful and if it was me, I don’t think I would realize that it is an airport.

Jennifer Weiss: Right. I love everything you’ve done with the place and Kathy Newman has nothing but great things to say about you guys. I’m glad we had the chance to say hello.

Kristen Conn: Yeah. She’s great at what she does. We’ve worked with her on several different events. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Jennifer Weiss: Is it the first time you’ve ever done an event at an airport?

Kristen Conn: It’s not. We have done a couple of different events here. We are one of their preferred vendors. We do a lot of the pipe and drape work, along with the florals as well.

Jennifer Weiss: Good. Great.

Kathy Newman Events is a boutique event consulting and design company.  We provide full-service planning, coordination and design services to our clientele, while custom tailoring your event experience to ensure all of the details and needs for your event are met.

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