Analar Marks 38th Year in Corporate Aviation

Posted on 18. Dec, 2016 by in Business, Events

Jennifer Weiss, Princeton News Network: We are here with Mike Renz of the Analar Corporation. What do you got going on here at this event? You’re telling everybody about what you got going on.

Michael Renz, Analar Corporation: Well Analar Corporation is a corporate helicopter charter service and we’ve been in business, this is our 38th year in business in corporate aviation and we have clients throughout the entire Princeton area, New York, Long Island. We’ve been providing our service to people in the area for 38 years and we’re enjoying a very good year this year.

Jennifer Weiss: I heard there’s another stretch of land you have somewhere else.

Michael Renz: Yeah, we have another pretty large facility up in Kearny, New Jersey and it’s a nine acre parcel that we have and we have another 30,000 square foot hangar there and we’re building our second 50,000 square foot hangar and we have the potential of having pretty close to 50 helicopters in that facility by the end of 2017.

Jennifer Weiss: Wow, that’s great.

Michael Renz: We’re pretty excited about it.

Jennifer Weiss: You do the same kind of services here in Princeton?

Michael Renz: Yes, the same service. A lot of our work is out of the Manhattan area. And it’s just like real estate… location, location, location! Since we are two minutes away from Manhattan, our response time to a company or an individual in Manhattan will afford us getting that business.

Jennifer Weiss: That’s terrific.

Michael Renz: In the charter business, the customer pays for the total flight time. When we depart our base to get the passenger, they are not just paying for the time that they are on the aircraft, they are paying for the entire time we are in the air.

Jennifer Weiss: Well, what kind of helicopter do we have behind us right now?

Michael Renz: This is an AS 355 F2 Twin Star and it holds five passengers plus the pilot.

Jennifer Weiss: Nice.

Michael Renz: It is fully air conditioned with enough baggage space so everyone can carry a bag. It’s appointed with some really good leather detail.

Jennifer Weiss: I heard Santa might be flying into the Princeton airport, in a helicopter.

Michael Renz: Possibly, yes.

Jennifer Weiss: Will it be affiliated with Analar?

Michael Renz: He may, he may be.

Jennifer Weiss: All the kids want to know.

Michael Renz: Santa has to call us.

Jennifer Weiss: It was good seeing you.

Michael Renz: Yes, same here.

Jennifer Weiss: Happy Holidays!

Analar Corporation provides Charter Helicopter Service in New York City, in addition to the operations, maintenance, and management of helicopters and business jets in New York and New Jersey.

For more information visit the Analar Corporation Website.