“Nassau Street Sampler” Opens “Late Thursdays” Series of Events at the University Art Museum

Posted on 03. Sep, 2010 by in Events, Food, Restaurants, University

"Nassau Street Sampler" Opens "Late Thursdays" Series of Events at the University Art Museum

We caught up with Elizabeth Lemoine, Princeton University Student Outreach Coordinator to learn more about the Nassau Street Sampler scheduled for Thursday September 16th. This lively food festival is designed to introduce incoming students as well as Princeton community members to the tasty array of dining options available to them from local Princeton merchants just outside the “orange bubble.”

"Nassau Street Sampler" Opens "Late Thursdays" Series of Events at the University Art MuseumPNN: This is the second annual Nassau Street Sampler. Can you tell us a little bit about how this event got started?

ELIZABETH: We had a new director who came on board last year and we created a series of events at the University Art Museum called Late Thursdays. These are weekly programs on Thursday nights until 10pm that are open to the community and the student body.

PNN: Are they always at the Art Museum?

ELIZABETH: Yes, as part of our Late Thursday programming. Because we’ve extended the closing time at the Art Museum it has created these opportunities. It just so happens our first Late Thursday event coincides with the first day of classes. We were talking about what a freshman, or a new community member, would want as their first experience here. Part of that is that we obviously wanted to introduce everyone to the art museum and to explore their options on campus as well as outside of campus. So it’s really part of bringing the community and the University together, making that Town and Gown relationship stronger.

PNN: Which food vendors will be a part of this year’s Nassau Street Sampler?

ELIZABETH: We have many vendors participating this year. We have a long list, but it’s not completely finalized yet. So far we have received confirmation from the Bent Spoon, Fruity Yogurt, as well as Twist, McCaffrey’s supermarket, Tico’s Eatery, Cox’s market, Da’s Thai, Starbucks and Olives. A lot of local vendors will be here.

PNN: Small World Coffee?

ELIZABETH: Probably, yes. And Chez Alice is coming. Possibly some restaurants from the Terra Momo group because they participated last year. It’s really all about bringing the university and the community together as a whole.

PNN: Do you think that the students need incentives to get off campus?

ELIZABETH: I think it is especially important for the freshman. They may feel intimidated. It’s a whole new experience.

PNN: Well thank you, Elizabeth. This sounds like a terrific event and a great way to start the Late Thursdays series.

ELIZABETH: Yes. We are looking forward to another great series of Late Thursdays.

PNN: Well please keep us posted. We will be happy to spread the word.

ELIZABETH: I will. And there is also a printed catalog of events available in the lobby of the Art Museum.

The 2nd annual Nassau Street Sampler will feature food from many of Princeton’s eclectic restaurants, live music, and the chance to win great prizes (including t-shirts, posters, and gift certificates), this is an event you won’’t want to miss!

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact Elizabeth Lemoine, Student Outreach Coordinator at (609) 258-9351.

Location: Princeton University Art Museum

Date/Time: 09/16/10  5:00 pm – 10:00 pm